The Facility Documents require the Company and VMSA to comply with various financial and non-financial covenants during the term of the grace periods under both the 2017 Facilities and existing debt facilities with the Lenders. At the completion of the grace period applicable to the 2017 Facility, the Company will continue to comply with the covenants set forth in the existing debt facilities with the Lenders. Mark Smith , President and Chief Executive Officer for Largo, stated: "The ongoing support of our Lenders underscores the belief our stakeholders continue to have in the value and economic potential of the Maracas Menchen Mine. Now that the Maracas Menchen Mine has demonstrated stable and consistent operations, it is poised to benefit greatly from the production efficiencies it has gained, as well as substantial increases in Vanadium prices, which we anticipate will strengthen further during 2017." About Largo Largo Resources Ltd. is a growing strategic mineral company focused on the production of vanadium pentoxide at its Vanadio de Maracas Menchen Mine. Vanadium is primarily used as an alloy to strengthen steel and reduce its weight. Vanadium enhanced steels are used in a vast and growing range of products that are used and encountered every day; including, rebar, automobiles, transport infrastructure etc. As trends in the steel industry now demand increasingly stronger and lighter products for advanced applications, the use of vanadium is expected to grow over the medium and long term. Largo also has interests in a portfolio of other projects, including: a 100% interest in the Currais Novos Tungsten Tailings Project in Brazil ; a 100% interest in the Campo Alegre de Lourdes Iron-Vanadium Project in Brazil ; and a 100% interest in the Northern Dancer Tungsten-Molybdenum property in the Yukon Territory, Canada . For more information, please visit . Cautionary Notes: This press release contains forward-looking information under Canadian securities legislation. Forward-looking information includes, without limitation, statements with respect to completion of a listing on a U.S.

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