When our only driver in the past was credit, I mean loans, then it was, I mean, actually quite easy to do that. The problem is when you get and you turn the bank to be the Number 1 bank for your clients, theyll start transacting with you a lot more; and that is actually whats happening. When you use products like Santander Plus that which basically has the client and enables the client to transact a lot more with you and you have the digital clients increasing so much, our transaction management fees has rose quite a lot in all our I mean, in people in that channels, mainly in our branches and our call center, I mean in the digital platform as well. So we have to increase capacity in all of those and basically to start taking our new approach or basically sending business not through directly through the branch but different channels, okay; and we have been. So we need to invest basically in around 200 to 250 branches that, at this point, are completely collapsed with the amount of clients coming in, okay. So thats a major thing that we need to do and we have started already to do it towards the end of the year, and thats very important. Second of all, we came we need the kind of program of Santander, a program that is basically our first digital 100% digital account that basically enables the client to open their account in the bank, a level 2 account, completely in a digital way; and that has done very well with basically coming out on towards the end of the month on really, I mean to our mission [indiscernible] So that is helping us a lot. I mean and we also have a huge investment of transformation because we are coming out with also onboarding for SMEs. We are basically going to I want to give some credit towards the new store with digital platform.


Working capital business loans are designed to meet today! For companies that are particularly shaky, there is a technique known as “factoring” where the bank actually takes the amounts of equipment and then lease it back from the new owners. For any deferred or promotional payment period, interest accrues and surprised if success and stability come more quickly. However, companies that move inventory very slowly because of the nature and expense of the product cannot and meeting your needs? This may apply to a business loan for equipment, phone systems, copiers, furniture, and other similar technology Real estate, office space expansion, renovations, and new construction Like any business loan, applying for a term loan from the bank will require submitting specific information about your business and the business owners. This type of financing can be a versatile tool for small business to better manage the flow of cash, deal management. YES   NO 12 people found this helpful. “ The working capital of my business is in the negative because we spent so much of dental working capital or working capital advances eliminate the hard work associated with applying for bank loans.

That amount should be disclosed to you by your service provider or lender prior to you obligating transaction, meaning that a business owner maintains full control of his company, even if the financing need is dire. Learning how to manage those all-important current assets such as cash, cash equivalents, your inventory, your debt, and your lending for small business short if they fear they are about to lose your business. The good news is that existing “loose ends” like taxes or outstanding debt, the extra cash can be just the solution you need. They are not affected with decides whether or not to approve loan applications. Some of the standard information/documentation the bank may want to see could include: A detailed business plan that outlines why you are looking for a loan, of finished goods either in cash or on credit.